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Drive Recklessly - Video


Well shit

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Not gonna lie this remix is so good #paramore #aintitfun #recordstoreday

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As much as I would like to get this car going I do enjoy my morning bike rides

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Ghetto rigging recordings #guitar #tracks #demos #fendermustang

Being trapped is a worse feeling then when you found out your mother died
when he said you might want to sit down before i say what im about to say

Or maybe the same in the context of when you felt so alone and stuck 

Worse then the fear of death
being stuck in these four walls left alone to think 

My god how the mind just goes and goes never stops like a consistent Drum beat you just want to Leave but you can’t 

There are no locks but there you are again inside your head day dreaming 

how you could change the world how everyone can live this way how the world could treat each other like this
How you could be there for the ones like you stuck in there head

And how when you die they never look at the petty things 
just the trees that where planted from the hands of the dearly departed

Forever growing fruit until it’s forgotten and left to wither

I always said I would never be depressed again but it was all a matter of time before finding

something worth it

Faking patience closed lip waiting for the day

cant let go oh god don’t let me let go I don’t want to forget how I felt 

those nights i couldn’t look you in the eyes because the shivers down my spine

at the thoughts of hands intertwined 

i cant say im not disappointed 

As much I would like to

like why was i not enough was it your short attention span or

the fact that i wasn’t with the band 

a introvert trying to hide as a extrovert just comes off as trying too hard

but no one has to tell you about that

a disappointment is a understatement

after the effort put fourth 

my mind never stopped

only for a moment

is this life just a test are we here to be humbled 
he wanted us to live long he didn’t want us to have the fast life
he wanted us to take the scenic route take in all that this life has

to not only see the rocks but the trees on top
so beautiful yet only there never gloating
swaying in the breeze ever changing with the seasons

all made by his hands humble am i god
to see your glory

we pass by all these things never taking it in 
so empty 

fill us up with the sights of your glory

all twenty four notes changing my life 
its all a gift

this life is a gift made to be lived slow