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Unsigned Band Of The Month!

Sinai Vessel:

1) Where are you  from?

This is always the toughest question to answer for our band. Our current lineup grew up together in a small town in western North Carolina, and we’re currently split between Boone, NC and Cleveland, TN—but we typically pull the whole posture-as-if-you’re-from-the-nearest-metropolis thing and say we’re from Charlotte.

2) Members in band currently?

Caleb Cordes sings and plays guitar. Daniel Hernandez plays the longer, four-stringed guitar. Joshua Herron slaps things with wood.


3) Goals for 2014?

Tour a whole bunch. Play with bands we love. Do the label dance. Grow as friends and as people. Write a new record full of songs that don’t suck.

4) Releases currently available? Link?

We just put out a five-song EP called Profanity back in December. We’ve also a little one-off single and a record called Labor Pains that we released eons ago. They’re all downloadable for free on our bandcamp, and Profanity is currently available on cassette through Driftwood and Ozona Records.

I’d tend to ramble on this subject, so I’ll try and be succinct: being that our current lineup has a huge history of friendship, our music is definitely becoming a product of our shared experience and chemistry as companions. Because of this, writing is a more natural process than ever and I feel all the more comfortable to say whatever I feel is appropriate on top of our songs—speech that usually revolves around belief, relationships, literature, et cetera.


6) Describe what you want people to take from your music?

In the most general sense, we’d like people to derive aural pleasure from our tunes. That’s as specific as our hopes can really be—anything beyond that is subjective. If discussions are raised from the words we’re saying, that’s rad. We try to write songs that are both broadly and intimately relatable, and we try to push our lyrical content to be as brutally honest as possible. Our aim is just to be refreshing on all counts—through sound, word, as people, whatever.

7) If it was your final show what song would you play to best represent your band and leave your legacy?

A song off our first record called “The Submariner”. It’s a singalong-ish crowd favorite. It’s not necessarily the one I hold dearest, but I think a lot of people would be pretty angry if it wasn’t our last hurrah.


8) Three words to describe your band?

Punk for sissies.

9) Any upcoming shows in your area or others? tours?

We’ve a busy summer—we’re doing a week on the upper east coast in late May and a yet-to-be-announced full US in June and July with dear friends of ours in a band from Florida. All dates and details are updated regularly on our Tumblr

10) Anything else you want us to know?

Be nice. Eat at Cookout. Hug your mom.


La Dispute riot fest chicago

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I drew on tree cookies because the snow broke my tree

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where was this when I was small enough to fit in it

you say that like i’m not gonna just awkwardly squeeze myself into it

if it worked for bowser, it’ll work for me

having worked at toys r us

i can assure you that size is no obstacle for adults wanting to hop on a kiddy toy

the grotesque contortions of the human bodies i have seen will chase me to the grave

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when you wake up early in the morning and sit on the edge of your bed like


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Do not wait until all the conditions are perfect for you to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.
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